Beach Walk 208 – Molokai Channel Here We Come

After months of training, the Na Wahine O Ke Kai canoe race is this Sunday.

UPDATE: You can follow the play by play from Molokai courtesy of Mindy Clark’s Outrigger Canoe video blog!

Lexi and I went to visit the Wahine Paddlers (military wives who are mostly all doing their first channel crossing) and give them some hugs and aloha. For those of you new to Beach Walks, this is considered the premier canoe race – 41 miles across open ocean six miles deep. Many of these women have husbands who are in Iraq. They represent several branches of the service, and are pulling together in a feat of incredible personal and team accomplishment. This race requires so much training; it will take them 6-8 hours to complete most likely.

It also requires a lot of money, as there is so much involved: shipping the canoes over to Molokai, flying the paddlers to Molokai and putting them up overnight are just a few. They estimate it is costing them over $10,000. Please consider making a contribution. Here is how you can Help the Honolulu Pearl Paddlers. (PDF)

We plan to be at the finish line, where we will also meet up with some Masters Women paddlers from the Puakea Foundation who are paddling a koa canoe about the same age as they are!

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Hawaiian words
Wahine: woman
Kai: sea

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  1. Best of luck to the Wahine Paddlers! Go Girls!

  2. Dee Dee, et al

    I’m extremely impressed and envious of what you and your teammates are about to tackle…even more impressed than envious, though, because I don’t think I could do it even if I had the opportunity. Best wishes for Sunday.