Beach Walk 207 – Water seeks its own level

If you find yourself (like me occasionally) complaining about others, remember, water seeks its own level.

We have more in common with those who irritate us than we realize. In paddling you will often hear the boat is only as strong as the weakest paddler. Well, to a certain degree that is true. But there are many ways to work with an imbalance of strength and conditioning without being divisive.

Likewise, very different people can share powerful moments like people of all backgrounds and education being in an AA meeting together.

Hawaiian words
ʻIliwai: level

Be in Touch!


  1. Yes! I just came from a 5 day group workshop where i saw this dynamic often. it is a challenging to balance individual and collective needs for emergence. I enjoy the process of group therapy because it offers the chance for people to come togehter and learn from their diversity as well as experience the powerfull element of oneness that flows as a thread between us all. I like to ask the question “What do you need in your heart”?….this often gets to the center of it.