Beach Walk 205 – A hui hou Harry…

My Uncle Harry died this week, hours after a visit from his older brother, my Dad.

Sometimes we have a chance to say goodbye. (For now…as I believe we’ll see each other again somewhere, somehow.) Sometimes we don’t.

In any case, I find death incredibly personal.

Rob Costlow’s music is perfect for this episode. The title, “L.A./Passing By” I took to mean literally, “Los Angels – Passing By” as Harry did with us this week. Mahalo Rob.

Hawaiian words
Make: death
A hui hou: until we are together again

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  1. Mom - Blanche says

    What a beautiful commentary on your Uncle Harry. He would absdolutely be thrilled and probably get at least 100 hours of commenting on it to all his friends and family!

    He has been such a wonderful dad to his familiy and he has been so caring about his brother’s children and especially to you Roxy. One of the greatest gifts I got from Harry was knowing that anyone in our family could call on him for help and he would be there – no questions asked.

    We cherish the last few years when we spent time with him in SC and Florida. I’m so glad we made that happen. Somehow I know he will always be present with us – especially on the loggia.

    Thanks Roxy, for this loving tribute. Mom

  2. What a wonderful tribute to Uncle Harry; am sure in his way he’s seen your video tribute!