Beach Walk 201 – Yahoo! I missed the boat.

I missed the boat, literally, but had an even cooler experience.

h3. About Today’s Show

While I was away last week my paddling buddies changed the time. They were pulling out sea when I arrived at the beach! Lucky for me though, another paddler was in the same situation, and she invited me over to her place. I learned her story – and I can hardly wait to share it with you. We’re planning to do a show together later this week.

So this was an opportunity to put into action one of the ideas I live by: don’t get invested in the results of what you do. I had put time into getting ready, heading over to the beach, getting my expectations up for a beautiful paddle.

It didn’t happen.

I could have decided to mope around and feel cranky, but another door opened for me and I am very grateful. We start things in motion so often, thinking we know what the outcome should be. Probably more often than not, something happens along the way. It really is about the process, not the product for me. How about for you?

Would you like to submit a guest Beach Walks episode? We’d like to start featuring new voices (and take my mom’s advice to take a day off now and then.)

If you would like to submit a show, here are the guidelines:
* 3-5 minutes in length
* On a beach or not
* With a dog or not
* Spreading aloha – or positive energy
* Podsafe music (if you want to use music)
* No copyrighted material unless you have written permission please

Hawaiian words
Moku: boat
Manawa kūpono: opportunity

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