Beach Walk 195 – Fear Factor

Jumping off the cliff into the deep blue sea, leaving fear behind.

h3. About Today’s Show

Take a trip to South Point! We jumped off the cliffs (height? 25 -30′) into very very clear blue water. Next land mass south of here is Antarctica. Lots of watchers but only a few of us crazies who jumped out into the blue. The scary part was standing at the top thinking about jumping. The jump itself? A very fast journey into bliss.

I am looking for some guest Beach Walks episodes. If you would like to submit one, here are the guidelines:
* 3-5 minutes in length
* On a beach or not
* With a dog or not
* Spreading aloha – or positive energy
* Podsafe music (if you want to use music)
* No copyrighted material unless you have written permission

Hawaiian words
Makaʻu: fear

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  1. Dymytryk I. Kamakani says

    Howzit Rox, The last time I was on the Big island was about 5 years ago. I know that area you jumped off at the water is so clear and yes it is cleansing. Don’t you feel energized when you are one with the aina and ocean? I love the big island my wife has family there I am flying up there this Friday 9-8-06 to Kona and i’ll be staying at the Waikoloa.
    I used to get energized when I would visit the ohana in Pauuilo and Honokaa. But the ocean is my place I love Kona and all the way to South Kohala. We used to go swimming all the time in Kona town right off the pier and the water was great in the evening about 9:00 pm. You have a great show please keep it going I love that side of Oahu. Kailua beach is a nice place to go for walks especially around by Lanikai. Lots of Honu there. Eh malama pono aloha bradda D

  2. Whee! Despite the technical struggles, the sun and fun comes through!

  3. Hey, much mahalo for the comments. It’s great to hear the Big Island calls to my neighbors on O’ahu. 🙂

  4. Hey;

    I was there when your secret cameraman jumped into the hole – I took a few pictures and posted them on

    If you search under keyword you wil lsee the pics.




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