Beach Walk 193 – Keeping Kool in Kona

Traveling to Kona on the Big Island today.

h3. About Today’s Show

Secret Cameraman and I are in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii for this week on a working retreat. Travel of course is a consciousness-expanding experience as normal life is suspended in favor of adventures into the unknown. It is also sometimes met with so-called problems, like entering our room and discovering dirty sheets and dirty dishes and dirty towels. Oops! Somehow the cleaning crew skipped us.

But instead of having a self-righteous hissy fit, S.C. called the front desk, and in 30 minutes all was well. Give aloha, get a clean room lickety split!

It’s the start of a new week. May I suggest you keep an eye out for someone to whom you can cut some slack, and spread some aloha?

We got a great fare, just $39 OW on Go!.

I am looking for some guest Beach Walks episodes. If you would like to submit one, here are the guidelines:
* 3-5 minutes in length
* On a beach or not
* With a dog or not
* Spreading aloha – or positive energy
* Podsafe music (if you want to use music)
* No copyrighted material unless you have written permission

Hawaiian words
Kapu: taboo
Malama pono: take care
Heiau: shrine

Be in Touch!


  1. You flew “Go!”? How was it? We’re very curious… and thanks to them, will probably be able to easily afford our annual trip to the Big Island this year (even if we fly someone else).

    Guest Beach Walks, eh? Intriguing…

  2. Amazing sunset. We just returned from the Big Island all last week. Managed to see the entire island. What a blast. We also flew GO! and had a great experience. Have fun in Kona. Aaaaahh…the Big Island is so relaxing.

  3. Yes, go! gets a “go” from us! Online booking, online checkin, on time, nice crew, nice plane (small but not teeny) and the fare? Well, it’s dakine!

    Guest beach walks…YES. Do it. Please. 🙂