Beach Walk 190 – Net Neutrality Hawaii Style

Delivering a petition to Sen. Inouye’s office in support of net neutrality.

h3. About Today’s Show

I decided to take a walk in downtown Honolulu today as I heard some people were going to be delivering signatures to our senior Senator’s office in support of net neutrality. I was able to capture several people’s opinions on the issue, both at the Senator’s office as well as at a monthly tech networking lunch, Bytemarks.

People are plenty passionate about the issue, but aloha shirts and aloha spirit claim the day.

If you are new to Beach Walks, check out show #71 when we first discussed this topic.

Here are additional links:
InfoWorld lays out a very complete case for, against and neutral.
Jon Stewart and John Hodgman on Net Neutrality.
Hawaii Election Watch
Bytemarks Blog

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  1. Very interesting piece!

  2. Craig Ellenwood says

    Aloha Rox,
    I didn’t know you were from the bytemarks group!
    Thanks so much for coming to the Senator’s office.

  3. Great work — Linking to you at the blog. It’s not a beach but the next best thing. Tim