Beach Walk 189 – Do you work too hard?

Working too hard can be counter productive.

h3. About Today’s Show

I realized paddling the other day that I was not releasing my blade soon enough on the right side, and that was causing me to work harder while gaining less forward momentum. What a revelation! “You mean, I could relax a little and actually have a more efficient paddling stroke?” Well, yes. Some might even say, duh.

But when I am deep into something, it’s hard to notice just where and how I might be applying too much effort. Having a change of conditions, in this case the water went to glass and the wind disappeared (aka all the background noise got quiet) and it was easy to see and feel where I could relax and let go and actually paddle smoother, stronger. It’s like a strategic application of laziness. Lexi knows just when to push and when to chill.

Hawaiian words
Moloā: lazy

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