Beach Walk 185 – Bridging with Brittany

Two babes bridging the blogosphere from Boston to Honolulu.

h3. About Today’s Show

Something new and different today as I talk with my friend Brittany who is in Boston while Lexi and I are at the beach in Hawaii. I met B online, as a fellow videoblogher. We then met in person at Vloggercon. So the natural progression was to make a video together!

Brittany made a really interesting point: many people feel they know her from watching a few of her videos, yet in reality, they really only show a very teeny part of her and her life. It’s such human nature to take a glimpse of someone, then fill in the missing parts out of our own personal experience! All too often, we are mistaken.

You can visit Brittany here:
Shooting Full Force
Modern Feminist

Hawaiian words
Uapo: bridge
ʻŌlelo: talk

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  1. Awww Rox! You and “secretcameraman” did SUCH a great job with this! I love love love it. Thanks again SO much for having me on the show. I’ll probably start posting video again soon because moments like these sort got my feet back on the ground and I’m feeling stronger now. *I* admire *you* for doing this everyday, and it’s definitely encouraging for someone like me. Hope you have a great week!


  2. That was such a creative idea!! I really enjoyed it. I felt like I was actually hanging out with you both. You are both inspiring women…who give me hope.

  3. +1… Very creative idea. Kudos! 😀

    If one chooses to blog/vlog in a personal fashion, that makes criticism more personal. If you’re just an event reporter and someone says the event was boring or not well shot or whatever, it’s different from criticizing what you think or feel or believe to be true.

    I think that’s one of the tradeoffs of blogging. What you say isn’t the end of a conversation, but instead the BEGINNING of one. Because someone could add comments (which can be moderated, of course), you never know where your post is going to take you or others. Even if you moderate the comments, YOU still had to read them before rejecting them, so the message got through to YOU, if not to anyone else that reads the comments to your post.

    This can have a stifling effect on posting. One could choose not to post *anything* unless they’re sure they can adamantly and vigorously defend their position. OTOH, it could be liberating because you get to test your personal logic against the masses.

    Also, that was a very good point that there’s only a small percentage of what one thinks or does that can be shown in a 3-minute-per-day videoblog. One has to ‘stand or fall’ on what they choose to present of themselves. I’ll admit that having watched a few beachwalks episodes, my mind was creating a limited idea of what Rox is about or interested in. I was seeing the walks as representative of her day as opposed to a break from her day. It’s important to recognize that we’re seeing what people choose to show us and that it may only be the surface of who they are or what they want in life. At the same time, as bloggers/vloggers, we have to recognize the same things about ourselves. What we present that may be criticized isn’t “who we are”, and the people criticizing don’t necessarily have valid opinions. If we can express ourselves without being invested in people agreeing with us, that frees up more energy to defend our positions or, in the face of a persuasive argument… change our minds.

  4. hi bill,

    mahalo for all of your insightful comments! i can see you are plowing back through past episodes. i would like to award you as chief commenter in residence for the generous energy you are contributing here!

    aloha rox


  1. You’re Welcome, Rox…

    heh. Thanks for my CCIR award, Rox. [Chief Commenter In Residence]
    It’s partially from browsing that I decided to make the switch to WordPress. There’s a lot of functionality that Blogger doesn’t have, in a tradeoff …