Beach Walk 184 – A Luxury Sandwich

Back to walking and talking, today about the luxury of having choices.

h3. About Today’s Show

Thanks Jonathan in the UK for raising an interesting topic: the lack of motivation that we motivated people can experience when it comes to doing something for ourselves. I have come to realize that this is another challenge between the #1 and the #2. The #2 tends to frame even the smallest decisions into all or nothing, life or death scenarios. When really, most of the time we are facing a choice between two luxuries! It’s like a luxury sandwich — a lot of choice with some uncertainty in between.

Thinking of change and opportunity in this way really helps me shed fear (which tends to sap my motivating energy and enthusiasm), and be able to actually look more clearly at my options. I realized this again surfing in the six-person canoe this morning. There are so many waves! I can choose the ones I want to attempt to catch. And if I miss one, there are always more.

Hawaiian words
Koho: choice
Mea e hoʻohiwahiwa ai ka nohoʻana: luxury

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