Beach Walk 181 – Huli Happens

Huli happens at the Duke Kahanamoku Outrigger Canoe Race.

h3. About Today’s Show

There is a week of celebration in honor of Duke Kahanamoku. Today we attend the outrigger canoe race in Kailua; it’s the first long distance race of the season. A huge squall descended on the beach at the start of the women’s race, which nearly had a course change due to rough seas and stormy weather. But the women hung in there, despite the conditions and several hulis on the race course.

It’s not easy to turn a 40′ canoe weighing over 400 pounds right side up after a huli in big rough seas! But huli can happen, and does happen, in outrigger canoe racing. It’s not a sport for the weak of mind, heart, or body as it will challenge you in unimaginable ways. But the rewards are singularly wonderful, making this hard work, worthwhile.

Congratulations to the girls of the Waikiki Beach Boys Canoe Club for winning First Place! And mahalo to Lanikai Canoe Club for hosting this race every year. Three cheers for the Honolulu Pearls as well, who performed wonderfully in their first long distance race!

Hawaiian words
huli: to curl over, as a breaker

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  1. Yes! Huli does happen, often not at the best times either. Yes Rox you inspired me to go out and buy the olympus 720 after watching you equipment show. I am so happy with it. I got it for going in the outrigger but then I took it out with me teaching surf lessons and it is great, and my students love it. Thank you for a great idea.


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