Beach Walk 178 – Made in Hawaii with Aloha

If it’s made in Hawaii, it’s got aloha!

h3. About Today’s Show

We’ve got a long show for you today because there were just SO many things to show you from the Made in Hawaii expo this weekend, So much that we’re adding a second show (comeback for #180) featuring specialty food items!

Much mahalo to our guest director and editor, Chris Nichols, on this labor-intensive show! Check out PetFlight for tips on traveling with your beloved pets.

Here are links to the people we interviewed in this show. You can get your own authentic Hawaiian goodies at their web sites!
One Breath Photography
Island Ukulele
Oils of Aloha
Lanakila Foundation
Malimba Records

Hawaiian words
ʻOno: delicious
Lanakila: triumph, overcome

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  1. There were some very cool sites to check out! Thanks

  2. Aloha Beach Walks With Rox!
    Thank you so much for the feature, I never knew my uncle did the interview last year (2006). I happened to google Made In Hawaii iKandy, and I found your GREAT site! Mahalo again, god bless!
    Christina @


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