Beach Walk 177 – Everybody’s Surfing Now

Quick Quiz: when you think of Hawaii, what do you think of??? Surfing!

h3. About Today’s Show

Some friends of mine took surfing lessons today with the Hawaiian Fire Surf School and we get to go along! It’s pretty true – so many people in Hawaii surf. All ages, all body types. These instructors are dakine, and you are practically guaranteed to get up on your first day out. Meet one of our regular viewers Christopher and his friend Trevor for a surf lesson and some wave riding.

The father of surfing, Duke Kahanamoku is being celebrated next week in honor of his birthday on August 24th. Check out OceanFest for all sorts of wonderful activities. Naturally, we are going to try to attend some of them and share it with you.

Hawaiian words
Heʻe nalu: to surf

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  1. Interview with the boys was fun; they did a great job! Looking forward to more surfside activities.

  2. Wow! Another cool topic that I can relate to. During the summer I teach Surfing in La Jolla for a company called Surf Diva. We teach mostly women how to surf. I have a another video blog of the girls that I teach. They come from all over the country and even the world to learn to surf. It is amazing how many women of all ages say to me that the one thing on there list of things that they want to try is to learn how to surf. I love the reaction when someone stands up for the first time on a board.

  3. Ahh, how nostalgic I took a surfing lesson the last time I was in Hawaii. Although this was about 8 years ago I remember it quite vividly. I was about midway through the lesson and I kicked a sea urchin! It hurt so badly, it felt like I kicked a bunch of glass shards or something…it turned the top half of my foot blue for about a week. We asked the guys what we should do about it, and they said that the indigenous Hawaiians would soak the wound in urine. After a significant silence they informed us that vinegar would have the same effect. Needless to say it was a memorable experience.