Beach Walk 176 – Meet Some Honolulu Pearls

It’s paddling season! Get to know Joe, coach of the Wahine Paddlers from #171 and some Navy Seals who are also training for their first Molokai Hoe.

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I went to Honolulu Pearl Canoe Club at Pearl Harbor to spend some more time with the Wahine Paddlers you met in show 171 and 172. There was a group of Navy seals just finishing their practice. Most of us regular folk think of the 41-mile race as rather grueling. I wonder what the Seals will have to say after they’ve done it? One of the neat things about Beach Walks is how so many family and friends in faraway places get to see a glimpse of their loved ones from time to time.

What do Navy Seals and and this group of women over 40 have in common? A wonderful coach! Joe Ayuin is 65 and has been variously involved in over 20 Molokai crossings. He volunteers his time to coach this broad diversity of paddlers and you can see that he has a heart of gold inside that strong chiseled body. We ran out of time so please check back for Show #179 to meet all the women on the crew. So many pearls. So little time.

Hawaiian words
Momi: pearl

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  1. Aloha Rox, I was thrilled to see that you caught some of my upper chain of command and fellow teammates doing the usually Tuesday and Thursday paddling that we do at our command. I remember a few of them talking about being on a TV show, but had no idea it was yours! Pretty awesome to see some of my fellow co-workers featured on your show. Aloha and mahalo for catching them out doing their thing.

  2. Awesome! (I hope no one is losing sleep looking for us on OC 16…) The honor and pleasure was mine for sure, and I am happy to see these hard-working guys being able to have some fun on the water.

    I was trained to SCUBA dive by a former Navy seal back in my college days at UC Berkeley. We had to pass this insanely hard program to be covered by the university insurance if we wanted to dive on research projects. I threw up at least half the classes, the workouts were so grueling. But just like that pearl of wisdom, yes, it made me stronger!


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