Beach Walk 173 – We’ve got your back

Language can have so many meanings!

h3. About Today’s Show

So what’s your reaction to the phrase “back against the wall”? My first take (when a friend mentioned this to me) was one of being trapped. But to him, it was a place of safety. And in feng shui it’s ideal to be seated with your back against a wall, facing the door – so you can see who’s coming atcha. I find it helps to reduce my stress if I take a few moments to really think about what it is I am saying/thinking, and whether it’s actually true or just some recycled thought.

Here are the photos that got me started on this topic.

Hawaiian words
Kua: back
ʻŌlelo: language

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  1. I find your walks so interesting, but honestly your outlook is stressful. 🙂