Beach Walk 171 – Wahine Paddlers Prep for 41 Mile Race

Imagine crossing 41 miles of open ocean in a 6-person canoe!

h3. About Today’s Show

I arrived at the beach this morning with Lexi to do our walk and show and ran into my friend Gail Quitevis who is steering a crew of women in the upcoming Na Wahine O Ke Kai race. This is the premier canoe race in the world! So I am going to follow their progress for these last six weeks before the race so you can get a taste of the hard work, excitement and exhilaration that goes along with this event. I did it in 2003 and it was an amazing experience!

This is a special crew of military wives. Some of their husbands are in Iraq. And despite being temporary single moms, they are taking on this gigantic challenge of mental, emotional and physical stamina. I’ve promised them the support of our Beach Walks audience, so please call call the Conch line skype:roxannedarling or call +1-949-544-1456. with your messages of inspiration!

Men started this race in 1952, yet it took over 20 years for women to have the chance to race. Like so many things, the general consensus was that women were not strong enough to do this race. With the backing of coaches, women were refused the use of club equipment and club support. 41 miles of open ocean, across one of the deepest ocean channels. Not only can we do it, but some of our women’s crews are faster than some of the men’s crews. There is plenty of blur between men and women as we keep discovering, one prejudice at a time!

Hawaiian words
Wahine: woman
Kai: sea
Na Wahine O Ke Kai: women of the sea

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  1. Wow! love the coverage of all the paddling that you have done lately. I have been paddling for 29 years. I am still obsessed with it. Just bought my ticket last night to Hawaii to come over for the Na Wahine O Ke Kai. This year will be my 24th crossing. I am very excited to go back to Hawaii to see all of my paddling friends that I have met over the years.

  2. Aloha Rox : ) this is great encouragement for my unfading interest in canoes…and hey i can be in double heaven as Mindy from above has a blog full of canoeing technique…i was amazed by the incredible precision of the women ,,, both in and out of the boat,,,in the Dana race…how the women in the water place so much trust in the skill of their fellow women gliding them under the brace was a visual work of art,,thankyou both very much..i feel honoured to be touched by true strength


  1. […] I went to Honolulu Pearl Canoe Club at Pearl Harbor to spend some more time with the Wahine Paddlers you met in show 171 and 172. There was a group of Navy seals just finishing their practice. Most of us regular folk think of the 41-mile race as rather grueling. I wonder what the Seals will have to say after they’ve done it? One of the neat things about Beach Walks is how so many family and friends in faraway places get to see a glimpse of their loved ones from time to time. […]

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