Beach Walk 169 – Meet Michael and Piku!

Meet my friends Michael and Piku, long distance ocean swimmers (man and dog).

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About Today’s Show

The dog owners in our little beach community are some very interesting people! Today you can meet my friend Michael and his little Jack Russell Terrier, Piku. They swim a mile every morning, out past Flat Island in a big loop around our bay. Michael is emblematic of the people I have met in the beach – always positive and upbeat, even after a car accident recently from which he is only recently recovered. As is heard so often here, “Lucky we live Hawaii!”

Hawaiian words
Piku: fig

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  1. He is really an optimistic and perseverant person.Piku is the most wonderful dog in the world.I can see they enjoy swimming on the sea very much.They love and trust each other.Life can be that simple and happy. 🙂