Beach Walk 168 – Making Sense of Dream Time

Part 3 of figuring out how to make directional changes by paying attention to dreams.

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About Today’s Show

Part 3 of this decision-making process, and using everyday tools to sort out confusion. Today is about dreams. Sometimes I wake from dreams full of all sorts of problems and anxieties. Then I realize that is the #2 who was dreaming. She uses that time to bring issues to the surface. This can be helpful, as it is another way of examining the “worst case scenario” as we discussed in yesterday’s show, #167.

You may also find your #1 and #2 having a dialog in the dream. You can use that time to continue sorting out your preferences and innermost desires, while explaining things to the #2 that are not obvious to a little one with limited world experience.

Don’t know about the #1 and the #2? please see show #102.

Hawaiian words
Moeʻuhane: dream

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