Beach Walk 167 – Worst case scenario?

Part 2 of figuring out how to make directional changes.

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About Today’s Show

Yesterday we talked about sorting out preferences from pretend or imposed notions of good or bad. If you can just be drawn to something, without having to prove a case for it, well, that takes away a lot of pressure and frees things up.

Today is about looking at the option that calls from a distance, the one that is asking you to step out of your comfort zone. Instead of just rejecting it, or blindly following it, you can take a look at the worst case scenario should you choose it. That defines an outer boundary. If you are OK with that far end of things, then you can get the #2 out of the way and continue considering it as a viable option.

In my experience, identifying the worst case scenario really helps calm my mind and put the risk (or lack of) into perspective.

Don’t know about the #1 and the #2? please see show #102.

Hawaiian words
Makaʻu: risk

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  1. I often see the worst case scenario as being, the looking back with regret over a missed opportunity. In years to come, which option will I look back on and say, “Hey, whatever, i’m glad I did it anyway”…

    It’s true about ruts though… but you never know you’re in a rut until you’re trying to see a way out of it!