Beach Walk 166 – What’s Your Preference?

Sorting opinions from facts can remove a lot of pressure and confusion.

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About Today’s Show

This week is a little bit of a series on the thought process of changing a career. I’ve had several, and though in retrospect I can see some connections from one to the next, it sure did not feel that way at the time.

So today is about sorting preferences and opinions from facts or absolutes. Let’s say you want to make a change. If you think there is some definitive rule that must be followed or that you will know with some certainty or that proof is needed before proceeding, well, I think that makes for a more confusing process. What if instead of trying to make the case, “This is the best decision for me because of A, B, C” you simply think, “I am curious about this so I am going to try it.” In either case, it is impossible to know the outcome with certainty. But in the former, there is pressure to pretend to know or to prove that the decision is objectively “good” (i.e. not frivolous, or careless, or pick whatever loaded words you like that conjure up “irresponsible” or “bad”).

To me, it is the #2 who feels the need to justify or prove. It is the #1 who can listen to an inner calling or curiosity and be willing to give it a chance. Keep in mind that the #2 is mostly looking for trouble, so s/he is likely to frame the situation with pressure on both sides: “You must” or “You can’t” going on simultaneously. If that is the case, time to get the #2 out of the picture, time to break up that energy.

Don’t know about the #1 and the #2? please see show #102.

Wondering who the cute little girl is? That’s Heidi from the UK! She watches Beach Walks with her Mum and Dad every morning. Her Dad, Dave Goodchild, is a podcaster too, so check out his inspirational podcast on Buddhism Web Buddha. (Note! That’s a new URL. Please update your feed.)

Hawaiian words
haʻi manaʻo: to state opinion

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  1. That was a very good start! :).. i like your words about ‘preferences’ and being able to try things.. sometimes I allow myself to feel pushed into sticking with things to the bitter end, seeing them through despite knowing that it just doesnt feel right and you just end up doing this to please other people’s expectations (which are often good intentions). I don’t see ‘trying’ lots of things as a failure to see something through and complete, rather, l see it as being williing and abe to listen to those thoughts and feelings that are flagging up “Nope, this doesn’t work” and then moving on or re-adjusting.. Trying an idea out gives you the opportunity to see what will happen, but it can also have a habit of revealing other opportunities you would not have otherwise become aware of…

  2. Oh and if that ending picture of Heidi doesn’t put a smile on everyone’s face, I don’t know what will! 🙂

  3. I think it is really interesting when people from different cultures come together and try to collaborate or understand each other. It takes a lot of patience and willingness to be open minded. I often feel a lot more connected to the universe when I am able to let go and try to understand someone with a very different perspective.

    I once did a diversity project where African American youth investigated Muslim culture by visiting with Arab children at a Mosque. Children can be very open to examining diverse perspectives when given the opportunity to explore…they are so naturally curious.

    Great thougths.