Beach Walk 161 – Left Right Mind Body

Talk about the Blogher conference and how we are moving past innate gender differences into experience and consciousness.

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About Today’s Show

I love paddling the 6-person canoe as it is a metaphor for so many things. Today I realized that even though there are approximately equal percentages of females and males, 70-95% of people are right-handed. Some people believe that the right side represents the male/yang energy and the left side represents the female/yin side. I wonder, does that indicate that the majority of us operating from the male point of view? (Being right-handed?)

I noticed that my left arm is weaker and less coordinated, and, that though I consider myself a reasonably strong woman, I still defer a lot when I wish later I hadn’t. So I used the time to work on my stroke, and build “muscle” in my mind and body for having a strong left side, regardless of what it may actually represent!

Here is the BlogHer site.
The show I was talking about with Ben Barres is #148 – Size Matters in Football.

Hawaiian words
Hui hou: together
Hou: again

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  1. Hi!

    Found your blog through a technorati search of blogher. Like your little vcasts..such a lucky dog to walk the beaches every day. (mine are lucky to get to a beach twice a month… and not this summer.) I’ll be back.