Beach Walk 160 – Sunset Beach Moves

Bizzy at work today but finally made it to the beach for some sunset moves. Save this show for repeat use!

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About Today’s Show

When was the last time you got your heart rate up? When it’s caused by exercise, I love it! When caused by stress? Well, that’s another story.

Save this show! You can re-use it whenever you want to do a little bit of exercise in Hawaii. Doing Beach Walks every day I’ve fallen way behind on my workouts…I hope you haven’t!

Hawaiian words
Kokua: help
Welo: setting of the sun
Haʻihaʻi: limbering

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  1. I don’t know about you guys, but I was knackered after that workout… no really, I did!… are you calling me a liar? 😀

  2. OK – what does “knackered” mean? It appears to be an original English word Matt.

  3. Great ideas for walking on the beach! I’m going to walk my dog today and do some of those excercises at our local beach here in Santa Barbara. Aloha from the eastern shores!