Beach Walk 154 – A Good Day Diving the North Shore

Brave Rox took a day off and went to the North Shore to go SCUBA diving.

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About Today’s Show

Only you obsessive workaholics in the audience will recognize this trait: fear of taking a day off. I survived, there were no server crashes, the water was beautiful…so this was a good day!

Please enjoy the scenery from our two-tank morning. First at Three Tables and then at Shark’s Cove. We had Three Tables to ourselves…but Shark’s Cove? It was packed with people and fish!

Join us underwater and go SCUBA diving in Hawaii! Where’s Lexi? She stayed with her friend Brent while Brent’s owners went diving with us. Check out their site at PetFlight.

Today’s special show music is “Good Day” by Natives of the New Dawn and is available on the Podcast Music Network. (Mahalo Adam)!

Hawaiian words
Luʻu: dive
Puhi: eel
ʻŌpae: shrimp
huʻa o ka wai: water bubble
Honu: turtle

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  1. I found myself smiling during this entire video! I want to go scuba diving. Great music!

  2. SoCalGal says

    Great show, and learned a thing or two. The only regret was not seeing Lexi down there with you (she must have been sharkin’ around on her own).

  3. Awesome video. Almost tempts me to try scuba myself.


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