Beach Walk 153 – Mind to the rescue!

Mind to the rescue as Rox has car trouble in downtown Honolulu.

About Today’s Show

The synchronicities between this show and my life are quite curious. Life served up frustration today and it was time for my mind to come to the rescue! All this when my car stopped running in downtown Honolulu. Well, I could have just floored it and not stopped for traffic or lights, to keep it from idling off, but I really don’t like the idea of “collateral damage.” :-(

So I sat still, gathered my thoughts (i.e. called on the power of my mind) to both help me trouble-shoot the car problem but to also keep the frustration and anxiety at bay. It worked. Happily it even worked on my car, which after a 15-minute time out started working again and now seems to be doing fine.

Have any of you car geeks heard about cars stalling out the first time they have ethanol in the tank?? The guard at the parking garage said that happened to him recently.

Hawaiian words
ʻUhane: soul
Manaʻo: mind
Puʻuwai: heart
Kino: body

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