Beach Walk 152 – Soul Rules

Here’s a structure for sorting out the spiritual, psychological, emotional and physicals aspects of yourself.

About Today’s Show

Despite my attempt to take the charge off of Monday energy, I awoke last night and had trouble falling back asleep. At times like that, I like to use other aspects of my awareness to break the energy of the #2 who likes to stir the anxiety pot anytime night or day. In this case, I got up and did some reading, to take my mind off the worries and into something altogether different. It helped; I fell back asleep. 🙂

Here is the concept in terms of managing your power.
Soul rules the mind. Mind rules the heart. Heart rules the body. Soul rules. When I am out of sorts with one aspect of me, I engage something else to shift or move the energy. If I am at work, and feel the impulse to release a bunch of negative frustration, I may use my mind to tell myself: not a good time or place. Put this on hold and then have a good cry or stomp when I get home. Getting that stuff to move through me brings me back to ease and awareness. Learning to manage the how and when, builds my muscle against the #2 who is only about now or never, now and forever.

Hawaiian words
ʻUhane: soul
Manaʻo: mind
Puʻuwai: heart
Kino: body

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  1. I liked hearing the comment from steve! It makes the vlog seem a little like an internet talk show.

    I really like the structure you describe. (Sometimes my mind takes off and I forget the soul rules the mind). I also think the emotions can be a good radar system when they are honored but not necessarily acted on immediately.

    Great show.