Beach Walk 151 – Monday, Monday

I wonder if I will ever shake that “Sunday night – back to school/work” pressure feeling? I am working on it!

About Today’s Show

Week after week, I am very aware of the different energies I feel on each day of the week! I used to think I would outgrow that feeling of dread on Monday mornings, with school work and business responsibilities hanging over me. It’s partly being self-employed; the buck stops — and starts with me. But I am now choosing to realize that no matter how much pressure I may feel on a Monday it will be followed in a few days by a Friday!

So here is a little underwater adventure with honu for you, left over from our Sunday to help you enjoy your Monday. Aloha!

Today’s special show music is Endelss Summer by Causeway on the Podsafe Nusic Network.

Hawaiian words
Honu: turtle

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  1. I know how you feel Rox. My husband has been having insomnia on Sunday nights! It’s definately the thoughts of going back to work. It’s been improving with some relaxation techniques, but he still can’t shake it.

  2. That was a very cool show for a Monday 🙂