Beach Walk 150 – Walk with me and dream

I hope you enjoy a morning meditation to the music of Shaina Noll.

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About Today’s Show

This show is being released on Sunday, so we have created something of a prayer or meditation for you to enjoy. Please join me for a few Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar to greet this day. As I stretched into the first back bend with my eyes open to heaven, I saw a waning full moon directly overhead in the deep blue sky. It reminded me of our connection across the many miles of land, sea, and sky. And I smiled at that.

Yoga means “union” so this seemed a natural, reinforcing event. Frequent visitors to Beach Walks will remember Show #116 with my friend Shaina Noll. You can hear one my my favorite songs from Shaina, “Dream” in today’s show. This moving meditation was also inspired by Jen and Kent’s Know Your Dreaming. Mahalo nui loa to all of you beautiful souls.

You can buy the song Dream on iTunes here.

Today’s special show music is Dream by Shaina Noll.
Darest thou now oh soul; walk with me into the unknown.

Hawaiian words
Pilina: union

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  1. Wow. This was beautiful. It gave me goosebumps.

  2. Your video-casts are single handedly making me reflect on all my lifes expectations and what things truly make me happy. That was so very peaceful.. thank you for this beautiful Monday morning wake-up.

  3. Your comments (and those of many others) give me goosebumps – or chicken skin as we call it here in Hawai’i. There are two things that really call to me – beauty and freedom. I appreciate you joining me as I explore how to create and understand those two elements in my life. I like to think, “It’s all about the energy” – which means not what I do, but rather how and why. Things on the surface are rarely just that – they are in fact levels and levels of awareness for those who want to go diving.

  4. That was stunningly beautiful Rox! I really enjoyed something different, quiet reflection. This is a great video to come back to when I’m feeling stressed and need calming. Love the music too. Ever think about doing a yoga video?