Beach Walk 139 – What’s Age Got to Do With It?

A night time walk on the beach, telling secrets about age.

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h3. About Today’s Show

A night time summer walk on the beach, with a nearly full moon rising in the distance. What a great time to tell a secret! My secret cameraman is 14 years younger than I am. Or you could say I am 14 years older than he is. Either way you look at it, age is irrelevant for us. We are drawn to the person, not the person’s age. What’s the use in thinking that when I started college, he was starting kindergarten?!

I have a history of hanging out with people af many different ages. One of my dearest friends of all was Valentina Belova. She was over 40 years older than I was, yet we had a most amazing friendship! She taught me ballet, and she taught me to love life in her own, carefree and dramatic way.

Kids meanwhile are so amazingly capable. We don’t give them enough credit I think! Check out this original song and video these kids from Selsted School produced to save their school.

What’s age got to do with it? Hardly anything at all as it turns out for me.

Hawaiian words
ʻEhia ou makahiki?: What is your age?
Keiki: kids
Elderly: kupuna

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  1. Well, Rox, I just left a bit of a risque comment for you over at your YouTube profile. I apologize if I offended, but I left it after just seeing one of your videos, and I got a bit carried away. I have watched a few more now, and now I feel that I know you a bit better. So I would just like to say that you are a beautiful person both outside AND in. But now I know your secret fountain of youth – Ballet! Maybe I should take some lessons if doing it means I will look like you when I get to be your age . . .

    Anyway, I’m writing to add my support for your thoughts in this podcast. My “secret camerawoman” is 8 years older than I am, and age was never really a consideration when we were dating. Also, my dad is 13 years older than my mom, and age isn’t really a consideration for them either. Although when I was younger, I used to find it strange that he was, to paraphrase you slightly, off in the Naval Reserves getting ready for WW II while she was still in Kindergarten!

    The only time age was really ever an issue for us was that we decided to have our daughter sooner rather than later. Other than that, it really is all in the mind!

    In answer to your question about what age I would be if I didn’t know, I would say 30. That was the year I met my secret camerawoman, and the year I started in my career. I was also a good bit thinner back then! But I’m trying to find that thinner me nowadays. Well, not too hard.

    By the way, after a bit of internet investigating, I uncovered some uncovered pictures of your secret camerman. Hi Shane! Good luck, you two. And say hi to Lexi for me. I am a huge dog person. What is that toy you keep twirling and sending off into the surf anyway?

    All the best,


  2. Cool, cool sunset! 🙂

  3. Shane? Who’s Shane?

  4. After a certain point, age is completely irrelevant.

    What makes people compatible is how they see things. How they see thing is based on their life experiences. There are people that are older and have way less life experience and people that are younger that have way more. There are girls who got pregnant @ 14, and there are women that are 35 that have never been pregnant. Who has more experience with pregnancy? Age is meaningless.

    When I go places other than NYC, people walk a lot less and use cars a lot more. Because of this, they dont interact with the same number of people that we do (if we choose to, that is). We meet new people every day… in the subway, on the way to work, waiting on line to buy something. There are people that are older, but have way less experience at dealing with people because they haven’t come into contact with the sheer numbers of people that we have.

    Same thing for dating. You can be 23 and on your 12th girlfriend, or you can be 41 and on your second girlfriend… or even your first. Age gives that person ZERO advantage when it comes to dealing with girls/women.

    It’s all about knowing what works for you and then finding people that fit that description.