Beach Walk 137 – 2005 Flashback

Here’s a scenic tour of Windward Oahu from way back in June, 2005.

h3. About Today’s Show

The footage I was planning to use for today’s show did not work out, and we didn’t know that until late. (We usually edit at night, between 10 -11:30 pm, after the work is done.) Not to worry though! We are featuring an flashback from June 2005, with a short movie Secret Cameraman and I made visiting Blow Hole and one of our favorite beaches nearby. Of course, there is some good footage of Lexi, and cool music too.

Hawaiian words
Kalaiwa: to drive a car

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  1. Cool! Never seen the blowholes before. Thanks for the sharing the experience.

  2. Thank you for sending me back in time to my college days at UH. I used to live in the Mauna Luan from 76-78 and this was my favorite beach to escape to. Many times I dove off the rocks on the south side, and yes, actually dove into the waters right at blowhole. I’ve always called this “The Cove”. I also used to spend nights here… today, I’m not sure it would be safe. Mahalo for the trip back.