Beach Walk 135 – Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday! It happens every week here in Hawai’i.

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About Today’s Show

Every Friday in Hawai’i is Aloha Friday — a time to spread aloha and wear flowers (leis and fabric prints) and for me, to reconnect with the natural rhythms of life by the sea. Checking in with nature and moments of beauty I find very restorative. When work is pau, come down to the beach and cast those troubles out to sea!

I keep thinking I want to try kite-surfing. I am intimidated by the gear but drawn to the sense of freedom. I have the name of an instructor… Did you know that the inventor of the sport, Robby Naish lives right here in our little town? Of course we’ll film it if I get around to taking some lessons. Would you find that interesting or not?

Hawaiian words
Pau: finished
Pōʻalima” Friday; fifth day

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