Beach Walk 133 – Ignoring Muscle

Here’s a new way to work out for more happiness.

h3. About Today’s Show

One of my favorite workouts: building the ignoring muscle. That’s when I tell my brain (and my #2 – see Show #102 for more info) that all is well and they can ignore whatever irritant may be in front of me. Noisy neighbors, office gossip, tics and quirks of friends and family. You get my drift.

How do you workout your ignoring muscle? I do a combination of talking to myself and deliberately moving my attention onto something else.

Hawaiian words
Nānā ʻole: ignore
ʻIʻo: muscle

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  1. Good topic today! And it hit close to home. There is something that I need to be ignoring and/or not taking so seriously. The “ignoring muscle” helps the state of mind.

    More honu please. I had never seen sea cucumber before and how I have. Thanks again Rox, Lexi and secret cameraman.