Beach Walk 132 – Sea Creatures

Living independently of the land today.

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h3. About Today’s Show

We departed the shore and went for a wander in the water today. Cali – we found honu! This is the mouth of the Kawai Nui Marsh so the bottom is a little sandy, nonetheless the water experience was wonderful. We hope you enjoy it!

We just love our “go anywhere” camera – it can take still pics and movies, and can move easily from land to sea. Olympus 720 SW

Show music is by Quantum Soul: Sunlight of the Day

Hawaiian words
Kai: sea
Honu: turtle

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  1. oh yea! Great laughing show. I just read last night that the average child laughs 400 times in a day and the average adult laughs only 15 times. I got my 15 in early today. Looks like this is going to be one wild laughing experience. Mahalo, Barbara

  2. Great show! So, that little camera is what you use for all your video? I reviewed the specs, but didn’t see anything about the total time length of video that it can store. I imagine that you can have multiple cards to continue data storage, yes? Do you use a tripod on the beach to get the smooth movement of video? If you don’t want to give away all your secrets, I’ll understand 🙂

    I just received my box of goodies for the promo contest, yippee…
    Thanks you so much Rox and the sponsors for your generous gifts! I feel the aloha spirit. Happy Independence Day!

  3. SoCalGal says

    Wonderful videoblog! enjoyed the underwater action. I’m glad to see that Lexi is officially a sea creature – she’s a natural in the ocean.

  4. Great show Rox, Lexi and Secret Camerman! I love the underwater scenes and Lexi having fun. Its great to see a happy dog! It’s that what life is about- the experience. Cali 🙂

  5. I heard that I also recived my box of aloha goodies today, however I am in Utah for two weeks and won’t be able to open it until I get back. Mahalo Nui!

  6. We’re planning a “gear” show soon. The underwater camera is not our main camera – we’ll show them both though and explain how we do what we do. Please stay tuned!

    The Olympus will take as much movie as you have card for. We’ve done 20 minutes straight through!

  7. Neat show…that looks fun. We swim in the lakes here a lot but the ocean is too cold.

    We received our basket of aloha goodies, too. Thanks for the gifts! We don’ t usually eat sugar but Kent gobbled up all the chocolate right away:)