Beach Walk 130 – Pushups for Fair Pay

Pushups are like consciousness – hard work some days but great return on “investment”!

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This is a continuation from yesterday’s show, so you can find the pay scale links there. It occurs to me that we could solve several societal and political problems by having more balanced pay scales. Taxes would be lower because there would be far fewer poor who need assistance. The poor would become empowered and be able to give rather than take. Let’s face it, there may always be those few who want to freeload, but the overwhelming majority of people take great pride and energy in their personal accomplishments, and are motivated to continue when they receive appropriate compensation.

The internet is playing a major role here, one as information is so much more readily available and two because people can do so many things for themselves instead of waiting to be discovered (as in producing media) or having to pay a lot (in terms of advertising and tech). This is changing the balance of power in society and politics, as AOL recently learned when a customer recorded a phone call lasting 21 minutes just to cancel his account!

Please note I am NOT talking about equal pay for all or pay regardless of performance. Nor am I talking about requiring companies to comply with a specific formula for pay. I am talking about learning from human behavior, observing the trends in pay discrepancy, and managing companies with conscious choices to enable the company, the employees, and their communities to live happily together. Companies will still succeed and fail; employees will be hired and fired. But we will acknowledge that not only is there is plenty to go around but that it may actually backfire. Fortune has a great article indicating the CEO’s are concerned about this problem.

OK! Let’s call this a wrap for now.

Hawaiian words
Kūpono: fair

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  1. We started entrepreneurial programs with Inner City youth and I had a young 11 year old girl who would walk across Baltimore City by herself in the hot summer (over 10 miles) just to show up everyday. There was no adult available to drive her. Most of her family was on drugs and welfare. The school systems were unbelievably awful resources.

    Whole groups of people are not intrinsically lazy but they do develop a culture of feeling hopeless. Just like anything else when they are given love, they will bloom.

  2. Great form secret camera man! You were on the beach and exercising – WOW – what a day.

    Thanks for pulling it all together today Rox. You sounded hot with passion, a sign of living life to the max.

  3. Dear Rox,

    I have been watching you, Lexi, your hidden cameraman, and Sweet Lanikai since the beginning…it was serendipity that I found you at all. It has been wonderful and inspirational. But, this episode deals with a selfless passion that is so grand it is humble. If only the world could be more equitable. It is such a beautiful dream. It is the dream we dream and someday the dream will come true. Thank you for your honest and always heartfelt sharing. You are a light on the Internet.