Beach Walk 128 – Homage to Age

Maybe it is up to the baby boomers to reinvent getting older as a totally cool thing!

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I have not always had the most self confidence. But I must say the older I get, the more comfortable I am living in my own skin, viewing life through my own eyes, all instead of worrying what others think or how I should perform.

I wonder if this feeling of deep-seated comfort could somehow be passed on, downloaded, or shared with younger people, and if so, how that might transform the world. I personally spent so much energy just managing my worries, many of which at this stage in life I see as utterly trivial!

Maybe the sheer force in numbers and rebelliousness of the baby boomers is transforming the idea that it is more fun to be young. In fact, I do seem to be aware of far more multi-generational friendships than ever before. Is that true for you? Do you find getting older “a good thing”?

Hauʻoli lā hānau to my friend Lee. July 1 is her birthday!

Hawaiian words
Makahiki: age
Hauʻoli lā hānau: happy birthday

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  1. Aloha Saturday from Florida!

    Last night, in a gathering of amazing people celebrating all that had occurred in their lives in the past five weeks since attending the Road 2 Playful workshop, I was commenting about how great aging is for me.

    Seems we were on the same channel – with the time difference I figure you were filming about the same time!

    I love loving my life, being clearer than ever about what I want, and having more passion than I ever dreamed possible. Some of the sweetest aspects are appreciating the gentle order of life, going with the flow, choosing to be happy – really happy, and being full to overflowing with gratitude.

    Thanks for boosting my happiness factor this morning! Mahalo, Barbaloha