Beach Walk – Roxy is Ma’i (sick)

Poor Roxy is sick.

Watch Beach Walks - Roxy is Ma'iSo we’ve got a short intro of a Lanikai moonrise over the ocean and then a rerun of Show #9, one of our favorites!

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h3. About Today’s Show

Rox is Ma’i (sick). It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does she goes down for the count for a day. She’s doing much better than she was earlier today and I’m expecting her to be back to 100% by tomorrow.

Love and Aloha, Secret Camera Man

Hawaiian words
Ma’i: sickness, illness
Palū: flu, influenza
Moe: sleep

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  1. SoCalGal says

    Get well Rox! Hope Nurse Lexi is by your side :)

  2. Feel better Rox. When you get back on your feet and get a chance, lets talk about net neturality. I don’t understand the voting process that happened today.

    Hi Lexi!

  3. I think that it is your body talking to you saying “Let me rest for just one day please”. You seem to be on the go everyday. Hope you get well quickly.

  4. I remember watching that show and thinking “Oh no, do I really sound like that?” :)