Beach Walk 126 – Money, Part 2

More on the money thing; in particular the confusion around religion and money.

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I wasn’t done talking about money – jeez, there is so much juice in that topic! I think one of the things that makes it so confusing is the conflict created when most major religions preach poverty as the path to heaven, meanwhile the temptation to acquire is so strong. What’s a caring person to do?

I do not believe money is good or bad in and of itself. I do wish it were spread around more equitably. I loved the Ben and Jerry’s original plan whereby no one at the company made more that five times the lowest paid person. That’s radical! You know times are changing when my dad even agrees that some CEO’s are way overpaid, especially those whose pay goes up when the stock goes down.

Hawaiian words
Kālā: money

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  1. Yes. I probably err on the side of too much caring. However, after what I have witnessed I find the extreme class gap confusing. I don’t understand why we don’t have a more global connection with all humans where we feel responsible to one another. It seems absurd (to me) and unnecessary that people are on the planet hungry.

    We did a 20-minute interview with Lynn Twist who wrote “The Soul Of Money”. She suggests that we can replace feelings of scarcity, guilt and burden with experiences of sufficiency, freedom and purpose by earning and giving. She is a global activist and philanthropist who is trying to eradicate world hunger. I find her soiutions inspiring.

    I suppose a moderate approach between giving and also taking what one needs “in balance with the ecosystem” is an approach I myself am aiming for.

    Thanks for the discussion. This is one of my favorite topics.