Beach Walk 120 OTR – Let’s Keep Talking

Beach Walks is on the road today at iCMS, a marketing company in Troy, MI.

h3. About Today’s Show

Hey everybody. Thanks for all the comments while Beach Walks is on the road. And I know, I really miss Lexi too! She is staying with our friends who have a male yellow Lab, Brent and who live a block from the beach. I am just hoping she will be willing to come home next week after this vacation of hers!

Today’s show is a sneak peak inside the Web 2.0 discussion I had at iCMS in Troy, Michigan. They are a marketing and customer management company with a very impressive client list and a very capable and friendly staff. We talked about the enormous amount of user-generated content being created on the internet and how companies can choose to participate in meaningful ways with their customers, or potentially be left behind.

A very grateful mahalo to my sister Barbara for filming today’s show.

Hawaiian words
ʻŌlelo: talk

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  1. I sometimes feel that I am the busiest person on the planet, working, going to school, family and home obligations, but find time to watch a few blogs: Rox and Rocketboom. I feel that I get something out of it including: important news, trends and updates not on traditional media, reference information, and some downtime, funtime, watching Lexi play, and gorgeous beach views. And it only takes a few min of time.