Beach Walk 118 OTR – Happy Father’s Day

Celebrating Father’s Day with my dad, Bill Benton, in Michigan.

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h3. About Today’s Show

My dad and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, to put it mildly. But one of the pleasures of getting older and gaining a sense of perspective on my life is learning to appreciate my parents for the individuals they are, and they doing the same with me.

Here’s a brief interview with my Dad (82) with guest directing by my mom (81), and a closing clip with another great dad, my brother-in-law Mike Dennis.

Hawaiian words
Makua kāne: father

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  1. Great show, Rox and Bill and Blanche and Mike! And I could hear Christina off camera. ;-)

    See you all tomorrow!!!

  2. What a fantastic dad you have, and I believe that honesty is so important in relationships, and he speaks it. Thats great advice for everyone to slow down and think first. Happy Father’s Day to Roxanne’s dad, and btw I voted for him in the contest.

    Have a great week Rox and (secret cameraman) and see you back in Hawaii. We are missing Lexi and wondering how she is doing.

  3. Rox (Maryanne)

    How are you? Jeff just walked me thru to your program. It is very good. I just started working for a local company, Big Sur Media that is doing local tv. (I am just doing their bookkeeping)

    Iwould love to hear from you. All the girls are doing well, and I have a grandson.


  4. Maybe you notice that I’m working my way through all your shows. Interesting to see that you have a Michigan Connection (my parents are in Livonia). So close to me and yet so far. Its nice to see your family. Next Stop of course, is Hawaii.


  1. […] I left NYC yesterday for Santa Fe. but my mom fell and broke her wrist, and is in position for some assistance. Since I am relatively close (aka, “on the mainland” and not in Hawaii) I decided to come help out. My Dad says he is losing a little too much weight. My mom would appreciate a little prayer for her fast healing to those of you who are inclined. […]