Beach Walk 113 OTR – Treat Your Taste Buds

I’m in Santa Fe, New Mexico this week, walking in the arroyo today talking about Ayurvedic eating.

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There’s a new restaurant in town, Annapurna, “the place for healing cuisine.” Santa Fe is packed full of healers and those wanting to be healed – you can find virtually any type of practitioner imaginable from the common to the most esoteric.

I have found the practice of Ayurveda very helpful in my life. It began in India thousands of years ago, and is increasingly popular and relevant today. Today I talked about the six tastes, and how feeding each of them regularly helps to manage weight and food cravings. Like most things, I use what I like and leave the rest alone.

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Hawaiian words
aʻalolo hoʻāʻo: taste bud

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