Beach Walk 108 – Going to San Francisco

No flowers in my hair today as we fly from HNL to SFO.

h3. About Today’s Show

Traveling sure brings out the cranky critic in me. The employees of the travel companies appear to be just about as miserable as the customers. I often think that business is set up like families, and many are dysfunctional! Businesses use tricks to appeal to customers’ fears then get irritated when customers demand unreasonable things. Seems there are a lot of #2s out there in adult clothing. I did a podcast along this vein, Buying and Selling: Do You Have a Split Personality?

One way to look at this is to consider the reality of limits and boundaries. Adults can learn to be comfortable living with limits and boundaries. Children may react to them, but can find a sense of security in them. I think one aspect of consciousness is learning how to actually be happy living with limits and boundaries. They are a fixed part of the human equation for now.

So sorry about the delay in getting today’s show to you. I guess my old laptop had a touch of jet lag.

Hawaiian words
Makua: adult
Hoʻokanaka makua: to act as an adult
Keiki: child

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  1. Hey Rox,

    See you at Vloggercon! I’ll be there! Not sure if I can meet you by the GG bridge or not. I have to check my schedule, but thanks for the invite. If I can I’ll be sure to contact you. Take care and aloha!

    Becca 🙂

  2. Have fun at Vloggercon! Let us know the latest and all the update news. When you get back, lets have another contest.