Beach Walk 107 – An Original Feminist, Part 2

Mary Lou tells us the positive aspects about being an early feminist.

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Yes, indeed there are a lot of slings and arrows aimed at uppity women and all kinds of people really who attempt to think outside of the box or be different from the normal, expected ways. There are also a lot of thrills and positive experiences, and they make great stories later on!

Hawaiian words
Kipi: rebel

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  1. Laura Ellis says

    My husband turned me on to your site…Fabulous! He knows what a pro-woman I am, so I loved your beachwalk w/ your prof. I am a former firefighter, so I can identify with women just wanting to do something they love and meeting all kinds of walls and trials in the process. My husband works in Wash. DC, we live in Virginia Beach. I try to take as many beachwalks as possible w/ friends, to discuss life and 5-10 year goals and plans…Great website….

  2. Hardcore! :)… How awesome… you girls didn’t just read the book – you wrote it!