Beach Walk 104 – No Good Reason

Seems I got the plantar fasciitis “for no good reason.”

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I’ve often had illnesses that were unsolvable by the doctors. Likewise, I looked up my foot problem, and none of the usual causes relate to me. So I must have gotten it “for no good reason.” Which means it was then likely to be stress, which I think causes a lot of things, and/or my soul creating an experience for me. That is my fallback position when things seem otherwise inexplicable. It helps me relax into whatever is going on, instead of worrying that I am suffering from terminal uniqueness or a fatal mystery disease!

Hawaiian words
ʻEha: hurt

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  1. Hi Rox,
    Sorry to hear about your foot pain. I have had many clients with this condition, all women. I have seen it resolve in a few months, up to 1 year. Massage can help, but taking other steps will maximize recovery time.

    My sister-in-law is a yoga teacher, and she developed it in both feet from walking on terrazo (concrete) floors in her new Florida home. What helped her was ice, always wearing shoes (from the minute she got up out of bed, on the beach, all day), rest, massage, and taping. Here’s a link to the taping method. You might want to find a chiropractor or someone experienced in kinesiotaping for this condition to show you how the first time. Or you can wing it with the instructions shown.

    Taping can take the pressure off the ligament and lessen the pain. So, for your trip to San Fran, this may help you feel more comfortable.

    I definately agree that stress is a cause of many illnesses and diseases, that’s often what I see with my clients who appear healthy otherwise and are taking care of themselves. Good Luck, I hope it heals quickly!

  2. Ok, link didn’t show up, guess i don’t need the “carrots”. Here’s another try –