Beach Walk 102 – #1 and #2: the basics

Here’s an intro into this concept I use, the #1 and the #2 aspects of personality.

h3. About Today’s Show

Every now and then you’ve heard me refer to the #1 and the #2 personality. I talked about it briefly in some very early shows, but have been wanting to have one show that can be a reference. So if you are new to Beach Walks, you can just check out “102” to get an overview of the concept.

Why bother with this 1 and 2 business? I find it really helpful to separate mentally and emotionally from the parts of me that are stuck in the past or the future, or that have a limited view of what is possible, or that just feel overwhelmed by the complexity and frustrations that life sometimes tosses our way. The #2 gets stuck in it while the #1 can observe it and move on. It was a relevant topic for me today as I had a stream of irritations all day long!

I didn’t mention this in the show, but one of the most useful things to remember I think is that the #2 can pop in and take charge of my thoughts and feelings much faster when I am tired. The corollary that consciousness takes energy. Real, measurable, palpable, energy. Some days keeping the #2 in the background can be a real (I mean that literally!) workout. The muscles being built may not be the biceps, but they are powerful nonetheless.

Hawaiian words
Kaʻa: past, days gone by
ʻĀnō: present, now
Mua: future

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  3. […] So much of how I experience aloha is through the generosity of people. It gets expressed in so many ways, and one of them is generous people can be with compliments to others. I have found in my life that it not only feels good to give (and receive) compliments, but it is also quite efficient and effective for meeting many goals. When I steer the canoe, I like to catch us paddlers doing something right, and I find the wa’a moves faster across the water. Granted, I have plenty of moments when I want to shout “moron!” at someone who may be interrupting my path, but really, that’s the #2 most of the time, and it doesn’t get me very good results. […]

  4. […] Despite my attempt to take the charge off of Monday energy, I awoke last night and had trouble falling back asleep. At times like that, I like to use other aspects ofmy awareness to break the energy of the #2 who likes to stir the anxiety pot anytime night or day. In this case, I got up and did some reading, to take my mind off the worries and into something altogether different. It helped; I fell back asleep. […]

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  6. […] Don’t know about the #1 and the #2? please see show #102. […]

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  8. […] Today I watched a presentation by Dan Gilbert from the TED2004 symposium. He is a Harvard researcher who has discovered that happiness exists not just regardless of our circumstances, but that actually having limits can stimulate more happiness. This is a classic struggle bettween the #1 personality and the #2 – who especially thinks that external circumstances determine happiness. Research proves the opposite is true. See Show #102 to learn what I mean about the #1 and the #2. […]

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