Beach Walk 100 – Lexi Talks

Interview with Lexi for our 100th show! This ain’t no CGI!

h3. About Today’s Show

Numbers are a funny thing. They can simultaneously mean a lot and very little. Yes, they are fun milestones that can be used to track or measure progress on a path. But you know — today is just another day, just like yesterday and presumably like tomorrow. So I like to use the numbers for fun, not pressure.

Lexi has certainly developed a screen presence over the months. Plus she is as demanding as ever to go to the beach every day! I do believe she is enjoying the Beach Walks very much. Thank you for all the love and support you give her.

Do you recognize the questions? Learn more from Inside the Actors Studio: Bernard Pivot Questionnaire.

Hawaiian words
ʻĪlio: dog
Lani: heaven
Hanele: 100

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  1. mmmmmhhh,

    I think the contes for the promo is not a good idea.

    Money or prices should not be decoy people.

    I wish, you could give 700 $ to an organization who can move rocks with it.

    Honestly, do you think you make them really happy with the prices you give to the winners ? I don’t think so.

    Sorry, i see the contest more as a commercial thing.

    Keep natural ways.

  2. Happy 100th.

    Like i’ve said to you many times before, I originally took to watching Beachwalks after hearing about you from the guys over at 808talk and thought the show was literally going to be footage of you around the beaches and taking in the local scenery, well it is and so much more! I appreciate your open heart and honest thoughts, the kind words you offer and your desire to spread that aloha feeling… so how many countries is it now?? I’m pleased to know that i am not the only one that watches it everyday; I wake up to it over there in the UK and it sets me up for the day with the right thoughts, the right words and the right actions. The world will be a better place if more people watched your show and lived that aloha spirit.

    I hope I have this right: Mahalo nui loa


  3. Rox and Shane. Congrats on 100 shows! The Aloha is spreading and it’s contagious!


  4. Best show so far! Really enjoyed it. My husband kept asking me what I was looking at and laughing!! I think the promo contest is a great idea. I wish I had to participate but so busy with school. Maybe you could have another one on what is web 2.0 and where the Internet is headed. Thanks for great show!! 🙂

  5. Lexi, that was the best interview so far I have ever seen. Keep up good work and of course, honesty (which makes it the best).

    P.S. Who is Shane? The secret camerman?

  6. Excellent #100!

  7. you are a lovely, relaxed family… 🙂 i love to visit you.


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