Beach Walk 98 – Kailua Beach Clean-up

Today’s show is about the beach clean up over Memorial Day weekend.

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h3. About Today’s Show

You’ve probably not noticed the garbage that can accumulate along our beautiful beaches here in Hawaii. Maybe you are seeing the big picture in the videos (plenty of beauty to be sure) or maybe the video is too small.

Nonetheless, we have plenty of trash left by beach visitors and washed ashore from ships alike. Kailua Sailboards sponsored their second annual beach clean up. If you signed up to clean up a stretch of the beach, you could earn two hours of free kayak rental. They provided the bags and were having the trash analyzed afterwards, for the latest in “trash trends.”

In our short walk of about 300 yards, we filled a big kitchen bag with dirty diapers, soda and beer cans of course, lots of plastic, and countless cigarrette butts.

Show Music by jRoq: Another Blue Day. She’s one of my buddies and I am hoping to get her on a show next month! Visit her site and signup for the podcast she does every week with Dr. Trey.

Hawaiian words
ʻŌpala: trash
Hoʻomaʻemaʻe: to clean

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  1. people learn when they have to pay a lot fist. so a deposit about of 50 Cent for each can would solve the problem.

    i think, the time is already here where we don’t should use cans for lemon and coke etc.

    in europe it works, we have high deposits on drinks which are in oneway cans or bottles and the problem is solved.

    people who are lazy can leave the bottles and people who like making money can walk and take the cans and get money.

    only the fast food restaurants are a problem, they produce a lot for the trash.

    like the rules on the streets for drivers, only money can force people to do not things like they want.

    thats it, money is the only way to teach nowadays.

  2. My husband makes an effort to pick up three pieces of trash everytime he visits the beach. I’ve tried to adopt the same strategy, but can be a bit forgetful at times!

    I, like you, am motivated to pick things up when I am reminded of the effect our trash has on the bird and animal beach-goers.

    Well done Rox! And great soundtrack!! :o)