Beach Walk 97 – Memorial Day in the Pacific

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S. to honor soldiers who died in war.

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h3. About Today’s Show

Shane edited an amazing show today for us. It is dedicated to my Dad in honor of his tremendous suffering in World War II, and with special thanks to my friend Eric, who has taught me more about life than he can imagine.

Today’s show was filmed at the Hawaii Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. 50,000 leis were donated, and over 100 young -Girl- Boy Scouts (thanks for the correction Mark) placed a lei and a flag on each gravestone. I was quite stirred to be in the presence of death while smelling the sweet scent of plumeria lei. Though most of those buried here are from modern wars, this “punchbowl” of an ancient volcano was the site of Hawaiian aliÊ»i burials and human sacrifice of those who violated the kapu or taboos.

I wonder if there is a trend taking place regarding war. World War II still has the aura of being a “good cause” war. Yet it was as devastating and terrifying as any war. My dad fought in Europe, and only recently has he been able or willing to discuss even the smallest details about it.

Now there is Iraq v2, and I am quite amazed at how many soldiers and generals are publicly challenging.

The times, they are a changin’. People like me who prefer to make love not war, welcome you!

Maybe future wars could be fought in Second Life. There would be less blood shed without sacrificing the thrill so many have for conflict.

Show music today is “Amazing Grace” by David Spak

Hawaiian words
PÅ«owaina: _hill of sacrifice_
Kaua: war
Kapu: taboo
Maluhia: peace
Aliʻi: royalty

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  1. I just began doing mindfulness group counseling with veterans from WWII, Vietnam, and Iraq. I have found that they carry so much burden with them after the experience. When a country goes to war we all carry the responsibility.

    Conflict is a necessary component for growth and evolution….but how can humans find a way to resolve conflict non-violently? Hopefully the internet will offer us some solutions.

    Thank you for sharing. Our prayers to your dad, so much healing seems to happen when people began to share their experiences and come together for support.

  2. Great Video, Rox. Mahalo

  3. Thanks Rox for another great show. And thank you Shane for the awesome camera work and editing that you do on all of these shows.

  4. Please check out David’s video also from hawaii, showing archival footage of Pearl Harbor as well as a visit to the Arizona memorial.

  5. Here is an audio comment .

  6. A wonderful episode Rox! As always you know exactly how to move people and touch the soul with your wonderful charm, delightful scene’s and amazing Aloha. Thanks again.

  7. Wonderful video – Mahalo! Just a small correction: The Girl Scouts are involved in flag and lei placement at the Hawaii State Veteran’s Cemetery in Kaneohe. The Boy Scouts plant the flags and the Cub Scouts place the leis at Punchbowl. I’ve created a photo montage on YouTube of our Cub Scout Pack’s day at Punchbowl this past Sunday:
    Hope you find this small tribute to our veterans and fallen heroes enjoyable as well.

  8. Mahalo for posting this here and on YouTube. A slight correction: The Girl Scouts placed flags and leis at the State Veterans Memorial Cemetary in Kaneohe. The Boy Scouts planted the flags and the Cub Scouts placed the leis at Punchbowl. I also made a photo montage of our Cub Scout Pack at Punchbowl. I made the backing music instrumental track of Kit Ebersal’s “Flying Home” with my home recording equipment.



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  2. […] originally filmed this episode for Memorial Day in 2006. But it clearly stands out as a timeless message, and represents the true […]

  3. […] originally filmed this episode for Memorial Day in 2006. But it clearly stands out as a timeless message, and represents the true […]