Beach Walk 93 – Let’s Bridge

Inspired by the apparent soul to soul communication of a fellow video blogger Josh Leo and his deceased dad, I am thinking today about how much I enjoy bridging disparate points of view.

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We had a great paddle this morning; the water was absolutely beautiful and barely a cloud in the sky. Can you remember back last winter when we had 45 days of cold and rain in row? It’s long gone.

You can probably tell by now I am an optimist of a serious kind. Despite all of the problems and polarity in the world right now, I see so many signs of hopeful change and major transitions people are making in their lives. I like knowing all kinds of people and all kinds of culture, and somehow creating a bridge from them to here and vice versa.

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  1. Yes, those are the kind of paddles I like to go on. Looks very relaxing in that nice warm water.

  2. I love the “bridge metaphor”..thank you for your messages of hope.