Beach Walk 85 – The Appearance Game

I loved watching Tom Hanks on the Actor’s Studio the other night, talking about appearance among other things.

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Tom Hanks is often considered a very successful and beloved actor. The characters he’s introduced into our lives cover an incredible range. Listening to him explain both the very dry, mechanical process of casting a film along with his very loving embrace of every look, every style moved me to talk about this issue that just won’t go away.

It seems every new generation has issues with appearance, and regardless of where one fits on the various spectra from tall to short, thin to fat, ugly to pretty, it continues to undermine our self worth. It’s not the particular attributes themselves, but the value we attach to them that creates an issue I think. So what if you are [fat, pretty, hairy, sexy, old, thin, nerdy] it only matters if you there is a problem with that or if you think it is bad!

It’s definitely a big can of confusion, so I expect this topic could last all week!

The sunset and the scenery were beautiful tonight so I hope you enjoy that too.

Hawaiian words
Punikihi: a game

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