Beach Walk 84 – It’s Fun to Face It

Inspired by the Survivor finale, I’m in the mood to face things rather than hide or run from them.

h3. About Today’s Show

This is one of those things that despite all kinds of other people before us having figured it out, we still forget and fall back on old habits. Old habit: avoiding or running from things we don’t like, are afraid of, etc. I think actually (though I did not mention this in the show) that it is often the #2 aspect of the personality that is invested in all the avoiding energy. The #1 has the ability to get out of bed and face life, and hence reap its many rewards.

Person after person on Survivor expressed how they had found themselves, had a spiritual awakening, discovered strengths they never know existed! And each person loved the experience despite all the #2 moments on the show. 🙂

So as always, I do these shows to remind myself of these things that I know help me feel better. Talking about stuff definitely anchors it for me.

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Mea ola: survivor

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