Beach Walk 83 – Oops! Energy Binge

I had a party last night and did a little too much drinking.

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Drinking in other people’s energy that is! It’s just funny how things that I imagine will turn out one way can turn out differently. I thought having a lot of friends and dogs over would be fun. As it turned out, it was a bit noisy and our house is too tiny; I did not have a decent conversation with anyone. Others did I believe, but being the hostess (jeez – is there another word for that role?) I was busy with introductions, serving food and drink, etc.

The #2 (who I think was behind this idea) naturally wanted to get on my case about it this morning. But heh, live (and learn with any luck), dealing with limits and boundaries is an ongoing challenge! And the other lesson is to follow Homer Simpson and not get on my case!

Hawaiian words
Ikehu: energy

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  1. I love your metaphors ie: “needy greedy on an energy binge”. I am developing a new vocabulary from watching your show:)

    I definitely have suffered from this at times. Remembering to be compassionate with ourselves during the learning process…what a nice reminder. thanks.